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Check out these videos to learn more about Masipack and to view our machines running product similar to yours!

Masipack – Company Video 2013 – English

Automated by B&R – Masipack @ PACK EXPO 2016

Masipack – Company Video 2013 – Spanish

Masipack – MXCP Series – Multi-head Scales/Weighers

Masipack – Smart Line – Complete VFFS and Scale Packaging System

Masipack – Ultra Plain + MXDR + MXECMR (Powder in Pillow Bag)

Masipack – Ultra VS + MXDR + Gas Flush (Coffee in Gusseted Bag)

Masipack – Complete VFFS Packaging Solution (Chocolate Candies in Pillow Bag)

Masipack – Stylus PB HFFS Flow Wrapper (Car Parts in Flowpack)

Masipack – Stylus HFFS Flow Wrapper (Banana Candy into Flowpack)

Masipack – Focus HFFS Flow Wrapper with Safety System (Garlic Bread in Flowpack)

Masipack – HFFS Flow Wrapper (Protein Bar in Flowpack)