Open House 2019 closes with approval of 95%

The event also recorded an increase in its attendees compared to previous years.

In the months of May and June of this year, the Masipack Group held its 5th year of its Open House at its headquarters in São Bernardo do Campo, SP, Brasil, a fair focused on the packaging sector for several industries.

This annual event was held in two stages, divided by industry: in May the fair for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic markets takes place, and in June, the fair is dedicated to the food and beverage markets.

With four days each, the Open House of May recorded a significant increase of attendees compared to the 2018 showcase, receiving 87% more visitors. The June edition received 43% more attendees compared to the same period last year.

In addition to the more than 40 partners who were showcasing their solutions and products in the showroom of the company, there were also present the main leaders of each industry of the country, whether customers or suppliers, who participated in the satisfaction survey of the event, making the Open House the “largest in-company event in the segment” and maintaining an excellent 95% approval rating.



With 4,000m2 (40,000 square feet) dedicated to showcasing the Group’s solutions and partner companies, the fair was a thorough display of all innovations of the industry, including of the industry 4.0, which the Masipack Group pioneered through its machines in 2018 which currently offer kits and options for connectivity for integration in their lines.

In this showcase, Festo, one of the partner companies of Masipack, brought as a display of their innovation, virtual reality glasses that, together with the machines of the Group, allow greater immersion in its operation; exhibiting different interactions with the equipment such as data analysis and configurations for distance.

The Open House of this year brought, for the first time in an event of the industry, an Olfactory Marketing action, with a fragrance specially developed for the fair. In partnership with the company Amo Aroma, timed dispensers with the fragrance were placed in several places, which “triggered” the aroma at scheduled intervals, thus offering visitors a differentiated experience during their stay in the place, since all the content shown makes it is easier to be absorbed by the brain when added to the resources offered by our sense of smell.

As with every fair, visitors also had the opportunity to participate in free lectures, workshops, and seminars, given by the Group’s partner companies, which brought subjects relevant to the market, as well as training that contributed to the development of professionals and companies.


In addition to packaging solutions, the Masipack Group presented its product line focused on storage solutions, Masiteck, with modular cabinets, industrial bins, trolleys, and tool panels. In addition to this latest launch, the MX1, an evolution of the cart made by Masipack itself was also launched, which allows it to be driven through kinetic movements made by the user’s legs, making it capable of moving evenly on floors without any incline.

During all the days of the event, visitors also had the opportunity to take a guided tour through the company’s 23,000m2 (230,000 square feet) facility, going through all production processes, seeing up close all the departments, history, and unique features of the Group, as well as the operation of machines and equipment.

The pre-registration for the Masipack Group’s Open House showcase 2020 is already open, and can be made free of charge through the website