Masipack's 30th Anniversary

October 20, 2017 – Masipack’s 30th Anniversary

At 30 years in the market, Masipack has always strove to be at the forefront of the technology applied in the manufacture of its equipment. Even when parts drawings were still made on project desks, utilizing the designers’ manual skills, Masipack was already looking for ways to innovate and improve its internal processes. The result of this innovation policy was the success of its nail-packing equipment, developed as a result of a challenge proposed by one of its clients, SóPrego, which became a benchmark for the company and drove the development of new equipment and solutions for flexible packaging in different markets.

The MX-1000, the first machine manufactured by Masipack, was one of the pioneers in the market to be equipped with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), was manufactured specifically for the needs of the customer, and was instrumental in signifying Masipack as a manufacturer of equipment for the packaging market, since in its early years, the company had only provided refurbishments and technical assistance for other manufacturers. As an efficient and easy-to-operate machine, MX-1000 quickly gained popularity among hardware manufacturers as a whole, giving Masipack the ability to invest in new markets and equipment.

Following the development of the MX-1000, the ULTRA line was born, which became a registered trademark of Masipack and still remains in the company’s portfolio today in more than 10 versions, ranging from VS TWIN, a versatile machine ideal for working with snacks, cookies, and starches, among others, to ULTRABAG, which produces 4-side-seal sachets with up to 10 lines in continuous operation, or ULTRA MULTIPACK, a machine responsible for baling primary packages in different configurations. 

In the last ten years, Masipack has reached the incredible metric of 370 machines produced per year in the ULTRA line alone, representing the main reason for Masipack’s success in the Latin American market, thus making the company a leader in the manufacture of machines for packaging snacks, cookies, detergent, coffee, and starches.

The equipment portfolio has expanded and diversified throughout the evolution of the company, with vertical, horizontal, cartoner, case packer, and various integrated solutions for the packing of any kind of product for the food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and chemical markets, with on-demand and customized projects to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

With the inauguration of its headquarters in June 2007, Masipack expanded its facilities to 23,000 square meters, a significant growth considering the approximately 300 square meters occupied at the beginning of its activities. In 2011, Masipack took another important step towards its growth, acquiring Fabrima (a pioneer company in the manufacture of packaging machines in Brazil), which became part of the Masipack Group, bringing its technical expertise and equipment to the product portfolio, adding a manufacturing structure comprising more than 20,000 square meters located in Guarulhos – São Paulo.

Masipack, with its subsidiary in Orlando/USA and representatives all over the world, became the fulfillment of a dream of its founder and president, Mr. Mauricio Sanchez Moreno, who since the beginning of the company’s activities, has been at the forefront of the development of its projects, closely monitoring the growth of the company and its employees.

Masipack’s 30th anniversary is not only an occasion to review its history, but also to reflect upon the present and look to the future. Masipack is oriented in this perspective, so that the experience of the company can generate visions and future ideas.